The Yama Hotel brought the consumer goods and necessary items to the community affected by Covid-19

Giving back to Thai society, especially the people who are affected by the coronavirus outbreak, The Yama Hotel CSR team members visited and brought consumer goods and necessary items to them at Baan Tha Chat Chat Community, Moo 5 Maikhao Thalang Phuket on 29 th June 2020.

Furthermore, we bought some dry food stuff including dried fish & shrimp in suitable packaging from the local community nearby us named “Bann Leam Tukkae Phuket” where we can reach to the fisherman ways of life. Also, we can provide an incentive for vendors to keep tending their land, providing fresh products as well as to create local employment opportunities.

This is a part of our CSR project, called “Yama-Punsuk” which aim to create a chance for the team to socialize with each other. We plan to continue with other social sharing initiative on yearly basis to cultivate a good conscience from team to the communities.