Many countries are now starting to open up for international travel. If you have a passport and are looking for a place to visit, then you should come to Phuket. Below are some of the best places in Phuket that you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Kamala Beach

Located in the north of Phuket, the Kamala beach is one of the most popular beaches in the whole country. Lined with white sand, you will surely adore the clear waters this area offers, and let’s not forget the gorgeous sunset. You will find many hotels and restaurants when in the area. It’s a great place to spend with friends, family, or a partner.

We recommend that you grab dinner as Kamala Beach is known to have a gorgeous dusk view. You’ll be glad to have witnessed the orange end-of-day skies in your lifetime.

2. Big Buddha

Standing at 148 feet tall, the Big Buddha is a must-visit. With its pale color, you will be able to experience the historical value and culture of Phuket. Aside from the marvelous statue, the surrounding area is filled with hill slopes and a little museum—an excellent place to visit to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Phuket.

3. Phuket Old Town

The Phuket Old Town is a historical area filled with backstreets and alleyways to explore. A good place to not only visit but also to spend an entire day in. You will get to see Phuket in its most traditional self in a unique experience like no other. Feel the medieval vibes as if you have traveled back in time by going to the Phuket Old Town.

4. Patong Beach

The heart of nightlife in Phuket, Patong Beach, exudes wild and party energy. If you want to enjoy your youth or feel young again, Patong Beach can help you. Enjoy some drinks, dance like crazy, and marvel at the night view of Phuket. Just make sure to stay safe!

5. Bangla Road

A fantastic competitor to Patong Beach, this street is filled with drinks and partying. Witness the neon lights and flashy bars, especially on the weekends when the crowd is most alive. Bangla Road is another go-to spot to party, especially if you don’t want to deal with the sand.

6. Wat Chalong

In one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Phuket, you can see history unfold and come alive before your eyes. See the giant, golden statues of renowned monks and become a part of history. The entrance fee is free, and it is a beautiful experience to enjoy and witness in your lifetime.

7. Wat Srisoonthorn

Another Buddhist temple to stop by, Wat Srisoonthorn, is gorgeous and filled with the right aura and vibes. Mythological shrines are everywhere, making them unique from other temples. Its most prominent feature is the 95-feet, golden lying Buddha, representing the achievement of Nirvana. You can also achieve Nirvana by yourself by visiting this place and having a great time.


There are many things to do in Phuket that you can choose from and see what fits you best. Whether it’s a relaxing, laid-back activity or a nonstop party. Phuket is the perfect place to spend your summer and stay as long as possible.

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