More than the beautiful scenery, breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife, ocean-view hotels, and family-friendly resorts, Phuket is also well-known for its many gastronomic offerings. Here, you can explore Thailand’s culture through its restaurants and street food options.

Read on to check out the top ten best meals you can find and eat in Phuket.

1. Tom Yang Goong

Tom Yam Talay (Seafood), Tom Yam Gai (Chicken), and Tom Yam Kradook Moo (Pork ribs) are all Tom Yang Goong variants of the Thai dish prepared with spicy prawns and sour sauce. The soup, made with coconut milk, red chile, mushroom, herbs, and other spices, is an essential component of all Tom Yam. The Tom Yam soup is hot, fierce, and delicious all at the same time.

2. Mee Hokkien Noodle

This simple stir-fried noodle dish with prawns is irresistible. The thick yellow fried noodles are drenched with sambal chili sauce and lime juice. The noodles are coupled with prawns, pork, squids, egg, and bean sprouts which are all properly mixed to enhance the flavor of everything.

3. Massaman Curry

This enjoyable curry meal has an unusual flavor because of the sweetness of coconut milk, the sourness of lime juice, the smell of lime leaves and basil, and the thickness of peanuts and tomatoes. They are mixed to create a wonderful dinner in a bowl, whether it contains the main protein of pork, beef, or fish. Massaman Curry is traditionally served with steamed rice or noodles.

4. Dim Sum

When it comes to Dim Sum, Phuket has a broad selection of this Chinese fusion food. The best dim sum is sevenfold and has a fluffy look, and offers a delectable smoothness in the mouth. Its components include shrimp, pork, prawns, and green beans.

5. Gaeng Keow Wan Gai (Green Curry Chicken)

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai is a delightful Thai dish that has captivated gourmet fans all over the world. The curry is made with chicken and two kinds of quartered eggplants, a vegetable that has been found to help reduce cholesterol. It is a light yet utterly delicious dish.

6. Kanom Jeen

Kanom Jeen is a famous chicken and mushroom soup prepared with galangal, tomatoes, lemongrass, and sometimes, chili. To create a delicious bowl of Kanom Jeen, you’ll need the best cuts of meat, chicken, fish, crab, and veggies.

7. Khao Man Gai

Often dubbed a foodie’s dream come true, the Khao Man Gai is a soul-satisfying chicken with a zesty flavor and served with Southeast Asian chicken rice. Khao Man Gai is a delectably tasty and texturally appealing meal, including boiling chicken, steaming jasmine rice, chicken broth, ginger, garlic, chili, and soy sauce.

8. Por Pia (Spring Roll)

Por pia (Thai spring roll) is a filling option that can be consumed in sit-down restaurants and on the streets in Phuket. The meal is simply made by wrapping meat, shrimp, vegetables, rice noodles, and crispy pastry. The freshly made spring roll will be deep-fried for that crispy, greasy, and flavorful delight.

9. Satay

Satay comes in a range of flavors, including chicken, pig, and beef satay. Satay is popularly eaten with peanut sauce containing fish sauce, ginger, green onions, cilantro leaves, jalapenos, pepper, peanut butter, sesame oil, lemon juice, and coconut milk.

10. Roti Pancakes

Roti pancakes are a very distinct type of sweet pancake in Thailand. Thai roti pancakes are made up of two parts: dough and filling. To prepare the dough, combine flour, egg, condensed milk, sugar, and salt. These are best served with thick coconut milk or ice cream.


A vacation is nothing without going on the best food trip of your life. In this case, you shouldn’t miss out on these ten delectable treats that Phuket has to offer. Even in something as simple as consuming half of the items in this list, you’ll be sure to be pulled back to Phuket at the very chance you get!

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