Whenever the idea of traveling to Phuket comes to mind, it’s impossible not to think about having fun under the sun, lying down on the beach, and enjoying some great drinks by the shore. Considering that the Thai province itself is heavily associated with the image of being a tropical paradise, the experiences related to the water, sun, sand, relaxation, or trees are best expected and worth looking forward to.

With your Phuket trip right around the corner, your current updated itinerary may look something like this:

“Day 1: Check-in, visit the beach, eat, settle down.
Day 2: Go to the beach again, visit the local stores, eat, have drinks by the beach.
Day 3: Go to the beach again, watch a local show, eat, have drinks by the beach.
Day 4: Go to the beach again, island-hop, eat, have drinks by the beach.”

Although this itinerary may seem wonderful at first, it’s also important to understand there’s so much more to Phuket than solely the beach! During these times, where Thai weather has become especially unpredictable, it’s important to also consider activities that don’t rely on the beach just in case a stronger rainy day comes around.

Well, now is probably the time for us to tell you that museums (and opportunities to visit them) in the province are just as abundant as the beaches comprising them.

What museums can you go to?

Beyond beach trips, island hopping, and beachside drinking, the main part about the Thai province in question more tourists should know about is that it’s rich in terms of must-learn history. If you want to make your next trip to the destination even more exciting and impactful, including visits to some of the museums in Phuket in your itinerary is the way to go!

Whether you’re looking to mix your experience up or satisfy the history nut in you, here are two important must-visit museums and historical points of interest for you to follow:

1. The Phuket Mining Museum

Heralded for its status as once the biggest mining site prospered by natural resources and abundant minerals, the land that the Phuket Mining Museum solidifies is a foremost location that tourists should visit.

Dedicated to keeping track of Phuket’s ever-rich mining industry, this particular museum has become an establishment of importance because it allows visitors to experience the growth and success of the industry itself. After the Kathu Municipality initiated the renovation of the mining site and made some major changes, it has become an even better place for tourists and locals alike to spend their time in!

When is it open?: Daily from 07:00 – 16:00 hrs
Where can you find it?: Moo 5, Kathu-Nakoh Road within a few minutes from British International School.
What number can you call for reservations and inquiries?: +66 (81) 535 3187

2. The Thai Hua Museum

Constructed in 1934, the Thai Hua Museum holds a key position as one of Phuket’s most important establishments because of how it provides a more insightful and impactful way to learn about and experience Phuket history.

Easily distinguishable by its well-maintained Sino-Portuguese architecture and interior design, this museum is a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn more about the province. Outfitted with professional guides, engaging exhibition rooms, and constant screenings of short films that are vital to Phuket history, the Thai Hua Museum is definitely worth scheduling for your itinerary!

When is it open?: Daily from 09:00 – 17:00 hrs
Where can you find it?: 28 Krabi Road, Phuket Old Town area within walking distance from the famous Soi Romanee.
What number can you call for reservations and inquiries?: +66 (0)76 211 224


Although going to the beach, having a few drinks, and enjoying the summer sun are all great ways to enjoy and experience Phuket, nothing beats a fulfilling trip to any of its amazing museums. Regardless of what museum you go to, taking the time out of your vacation to learn and experience wonderful things in a site that preserves the province’s history is the way to go!

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