The holidays are fast approaching, and it often means spending a merry time in a winter wonderland. But for wanderlust travelers who are looking to greet the new year under the sun, then flying off to a tropical oasis such as Phuket is bound to put anyone in a festive mood.

For those wondering how to make the most of their Christmas retreat in a sun-kissed destination like Phuket, the guide below explores the best places to visit for the ultimate seasonal experience:

1. Celebrate Christmas Under the Sun in Phuket’s Popular Beach Towns

Instead of building a snowman during Christmas, why not create sandcastles and relish clear skies in Phuket’s famous beaches? Swap a wintry landscape for soft, white sands and crystal clear ocean that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Whether you visit various beaches, you can expect a merry holiday strolling around a tropical paradise. You also have the choice to relax with a stunning view or go all out with your festivities by taking on Phuket’s colorful array of water sports.

2. Let Loose and Greet the New Year with a Night Out on Bangla Road

Wistful tipplers, friends, and families who want to celebrate the holidays with a drink in hand can experience the magic on Bangla Road as the streets transform into a neon-clad oasis for party-goers. Bars line up the lane from one end to the other, making it a fun escape for adults.

3. Go All Out With Your Christmas Shopping in Phuket’s Colorful Markets

The holiday rush won’t be complete without shopping for the perfect presents, and fortunately, you can explore a wide array of specialty shops where you can find the best deals on exotic items to give to your family or friends.

Phuket’s Weekend Market, also known as Talad Tairod by the locals, is a must-visit for your shopping extravaganza. It’s a kaleidoscopic market that sees plenty of life as locals and tourists are bustling down the streets filled with diverse stalls.

For those who want more picture-perfect scenery, hop on over to Chillva Market Phuket for a change of pace as it offers a more hip shopping experience with its bohemian-inspired fashion stalls.

The Bottom Line: Greet the New Year With a Bang in Tropical Paradise

Phuket rises on top as one of the most attractive destinations to visit in the Land of Smiles as it doesn’t come short in palm-fringed beaches, verdant mountainsides, and other tropical displays that are sure to elevate your holidays.

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