One of the most beautiful phenomena you can ever experience in Phuket is its sunrises. Almost nothing can compare to the beauty that is to be sitting at the beach and watching as the sunrises over the ocean.

The stunning reflection of the rays that coat everything that’s around you fills your soul with feelings of blissfulness, relaxation, and even love.

If you’ve never had this experience before, take the opportunity to do so when you’re in Phuket! Here are three places where you can view the stunning sunrise.


1.Promthep Cape

On the far southern part of Phuket lies Promthep Cape, a place that offers one of the best views in the province. What makes the place truly spectacular is the sunrise in the area. It is famous for this, attracting people from far and new to experience the fantastic vista.

On top of Promthep Cape lies the Golden Jubilee Lighthouse, which you can look during your visit to the cape. You can also visit a local temple which is said to be surrounded by around a thousand elephants. While no one has ever counted how many there are, there is no doubt a lot of them made with different materials at different sizes.


2.Big Buddha Statue

If you want to admire the beautiful sunrise atop a mountain, head for the Great Buddha found at the temple at Nakaked Mountain. At over 400 meters above sea level, not only will you see the incredible sunrise, but even views that include the land below that includes Phuket Town, Chalong, and many others.

The temple also has plenty of cute monkeys to keep you company while you wait for the rays to break the surface of the water. You can even feed them if you want to. Just note that you will have to wear appropriately, meaning that your chest, knees, and shoulders are covered. After all, you’re at a temple, and it is vital to come with respect.


3.Naithon Beach

If you want to experience a stunning sunrise experience from a beach, then head up north to Naithon Beach. There, the rhythmic waves of the ocean, coupled with the soft sands underneath your feet, will only enhance the sunrise experience.

If you’re worried that there will be too many people watching the sunrise, effectively crowding the area, don’t worry! The beach is vast, spanning around 1 kilometer long. There is plenty of space for everyone, and there will always be a spot for you to enjoy the sunrise at its full glory. Fortunately, there aren’t many people in the area in the first place, which solidifies the fact that you can enjoy a peaceful, relaxing beach visit watching the stunning sunrise.

While the places we’ve mentioned offers a truly unique and fantastic sunrise, there are a lot of places in Phuket that do so. All these different locations have their magical aura, and it is guaranteed that you will find a place that you can genuinely call a favorite to watch the sunrise in.

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