Commonly known as one of the best must-visit tropical destinations all over the world, Phuket hosts an abundance of experiences that travelers can bask in and change their worldview—one dish, swim, beach nap, cultural experience, and party at a time.

Thanks to the fact that it’s packed with gorgeous beaches, unmatched cultural heritages, delicious dishes, and amazing experiences, it’s no secret that Phuket is the place to be for anyone that longs to experience the best of Thailand. While it may be easy to see why Phuket takes in millions of different tourists annually and keeps almost every visitor coming back for more, there’s one more reason it’s so special: it’s the perfect destination for Muslim travelers!

Although most people may notice that Phuket is stunning and undeniably enjoyable to be in, it also hosts one of the most Muslim-friendly atmospheres in the entire world. From housing a significantly-large Muslim population to Muslim-friendly villas with private hubs, Phuket has established itself as the destination you should set your sights towards for your next halal adventure.

If you’re a Muslim traveler who is tired of feeling uncomfortable during a vacation, there’s no need to worry because here three reasons Phuket is the perfect location for your next trip:

 1.Halal food is abundant and delicious

With every food establishment in Phuket—regardless of whether it’s a street food stall or a five-star hotel—taking the initiative to accommodate more dietary restrictions, it’s clear that eating will never be an issue for Muslim travelers.

No matter where you look in Phuket, you’ll never have the opportunity or excuse to go hungry as halal restaurants and dishes alike are all around Phuket. Fortunately, finding a halal spot to eat at in Phuket isn’t difficult either, as halal restaurants will proudly display their certification and mention it in their signs or online descriptions!

2.There are a wide range of Muslim-friendly resorts to choose from

In recent years, Phuket has become an even more noteworthy spot for Muslim tourists as it continues to host even more Muslim-friendly resorts. Generally, the standard Muslim-friendly resort combines everything that Muslim travelers would ever need, such as:

– Privacy

– Unhampered and solemn views that make for perfect places to pray

– Halal food in the in-house restaurant and around the hotel’s area

– Prayer mats or separate rooms for prayer

The Yama Phuket, for instance, offers all these amenities (and even more) in a prime location in Phuket for every type of Muslim traveler who seeks comfort, luxury, and compatibility—all at an affordable price!

 3.Phuket has many places for prayer

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of praying in your hotel room, then there’s no need to worry because Phuket is also packed with a wide range of places for prayer. From longstanding Mosques with a rich history to newly-built ones set up by other members of the Muslim population, Phuket is the perfect destination to practice your faith with unwavering support and encouragement!

Final words

If you’re a devout Muslim who wants to travel the world without having to lose sight of your faith or experience any inconveniences that may hamper your routine for spiritual growth, then Phuket should definitely be next on your travel list! Once you’ve filed your leave, packed your bags, and booked your tickets, keep your upcoming trip to Phuket as smooth as possible by making your reservations at The Yama Phuket!