Thailand has been one of the top locations to visit, thanks to the diversity of different islands that offer marvelous beauty and unforgettable experiences. Of all these islands, Phuket is the largest. It is also one of the most visited, with all its beautiful vistas, thrilling activities, excellent local dishes, fantastic shopping experiences, and so much more.

Phuket in December

While Phuket is visited all year round, the most popular month is December, thanks to the cooler weather. It is also at this time where the monsoon subsides, leaving the majority of the time rain-free, which is perfect for adventure and exploration.

In addition to that, the sea is calm, which is ideal for beach and sea activities. Of course, Phuket will be filled with tourists as well, especially close to the Christmas holidays and New Year celebration.

Planning to visit Phuket in December? Here are three things that you can do to enjoy the cool weather:

1. Water Activities

Would it surprise you to know that the sea isn’t cold even in December? It is relaxing and warm, perfect for water-based activities. Bring your diving or snorkeling gear with you, and enjoy the freshness of the water while exploring the vibrant life beneath the surface of the waves. You could also rent a surfboard or a kayak to enjoy the sea on its surface.

There are so many things you can do on the sea in Phuket, and there’s no better time than the chilly December to participate in them all!

2. Exciting Festivals

If you’re a party lover, you’re in the right place. Phuket is known for its thrilling parties, and since you’re here during December, you’d best be prepared for some. When Christmas arrives and New Year comes, you’re going to find yourself on the beach dancing away, enjoying your favorite drinks amidst the crowds of people celebrating. Of the two holidays, Christmas will be a little more laid-back, since it isn’t a traditional festival for the Thai people.

As for the rest of the month, plenty of other festivals will be held. More often than not, they’re filled with great food, excellent performances, and remarkable shopping experiences. In other words, it doesn’t matter when you arrive in Phuket. If it is in December, you know there are plenty of parties waiting for you.

3. Amazing Nightlife

Similar to the festivals, Phuket’s nightlife is full of life and fun. While there are plenty of nightclubs for you to enjoy, there are plenty of other venues that can spice up your evening, from beach bars and ladyboy shows to rooftop bars and live shows. There will be plenty of things that’ll keep you awake, stealing your attention. Before you know it, you’ll see the first glimmer of sunlight!

As you can tell, Phuket is filled with a myriad of activities, each with its own flair and fun. With so much to offer, there is no way you’ll find yourself bored. Even if you wanted to relax on the beach, you’d still get to enjoy the fantastic December weather and the stunning beach atmosphere. Phuket truly is a must-visit place to celebrate the cold season.

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