Kata Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Phuket. While it might not be as famous as its bigger brother, Patong Beach, Kata Beach is renowned for other reasons. If you’re a surfer, Kata Beach offers some of the best surfing spots you can find. It is also a place with plenty of foods to eat, night activities, and tourist attractions.

That said, if you’re looking for the perfect beach in Thailand to spend your holiday, look no further than Kata Beach. Here are three things you can do at the beach:

1. Be Lazy

Just imagine stumbling upon a stretch of stunning white sand bordered by a crystal blue sea. What do you want to do? Well, if you ask us, we would love to lay the mattress and take a relaxing nap.

Kata Beach is precisely that—stunning sand and clear waters. It is also one of the longest beaches you’ll find in Thailand, dotted with trees that provide you shade wherever you go. Grab your hammock and set it up between the trees, or lounge around the beach on one of the chairs you can find there.

If you’re done being lazy and want to participate in some fun activities, there are plenty of water sports you can enjoy at Kata Beach. Among them, the most popular is surfing.

If you find that your stomach is begging for a good meal, several restaurants are available at the southern part of the beach, along with different shops selling all sorts of things.

With that said, we highly recommend that you stay at the beach until sunset. The stunning view you’ll get to enjoy will make you feel as if you’ve entered a world of fantasy, where everything is utterly beautiful. Just don’t forget to whip out your phone, snap a photo, and share it with your friends!

2. Enjoy Eating

If there is anything you should know about Thailand, it is that their food is loved worldwide. Now that you’re here in this beautiful country, you can taste the real deal.

When you first eat Thai food, you’ll notice that they love to play around with sweet, salty, spicy, sour, and even bitter flavors. It is the unique combination of all these flavors on the different dishes you might have that make the foods genuinely astounding, not to mention pretty to look at.

While the list of dishes you must try out is endless, we highly recommend Tom Yum, a broth of amazing lime leaves, shallots, lemongrass, chilies, fish, lime, and a meat of your choice. As for how it tastes, it plays on the sour, spicy, and sometimes sweet aspect, a dangerous combination that’ll keep tempting you to have more. Other amazing delicacies you should not miss are Pad Thai and Khao Mun Kai.

3. Go Surfing

While Kata offers all-day surfing, you don’t have to do any surfing to enjoy your time. Here, you’ll find Surf House, a famous tourist destination. There, you can eat, drink, and surf! Surf House is a party house, where you can spend all day partying away.

You’ll find that there is an artificial wave pool, meaning that even if you don’t do much surfing, you can start practicing safely. Of course, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite cocktail watching pro-surfers showing off to the ladies. If you’re worried that watching is all you’ll be able to do, stop. You can even dance here, as DJs and different bands come here often to provide amazing music.

Wrapping Up

Despite not being the most popular beach in Phuket, Kata Beach is still one of the best beaches to visit, especially if you’re a surfer. That said, treat yourself with the beauty of the beach, as well as the wonders of local delicacy right here at Kata Beach. If you’re looking for a wilder time, Surf House is right around the corner to spice your time up.

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