Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, as the enthusiasm that comes with boarding a plane and packing your bags to the various corners of the world can be arguably unparalleled. Although the adventure is fun, travel and vacation rarely come together. Travel comes with stress and jet lag, which defeats the purpose of the vacation. There’s always the longing to unravel in comfort, especially if you’ve been dealing with knots of tension and other life stressors. The answer? Staycations.

Contrary to popular belief, staycations aren’t just for staying at home—it also encompasses staying at your hotel of choice, where you can enjoy a nice day in huge beds and patios to bask in the sun.

The magical shores of Phuket are one of the best choices, with the steady sound of waves to listen to as you drift into sleep. The idea of room service is also most welcome, prompting you slow days of focusing on nothing but bonding with yourself or your family.

If you’re looking to enjoy such a treat, here’s how to make a staycation experience even more special:

Keep your room fresh and warm

If you’re able, a little trip down to the local shops will render you fresh flowers. Decorate your hotel room with those to make it feel more inviting, especially if you wish to stay there for a couple of days. It can freshen up your room, allowing it to feel a little more special. Candles can also help, along with bath bombs for good and long soaks.

Make sure that you call housekeeping at least once a day to keep your room clean, especially after your beach trips where sand can get on the floors. At night, make sure to plump up your pillows and enjoy a good glass of wine. There may be more of the hotel to see tomorrow, but nothing quite amounts to quiet moments and good spaces.

Indulge in shows and movies

The hustle and bustle will likely have left you with nothing but your to-do lists to think about, making you feel stressed. You’ll hardly have time to unwind, much less devote any hour of your day sitting idly in front of the television.

With a staycation, however, you’ll have all the time in the world—as you stay in, don’t hesitate to catch up on your favorite shows for as long as you’d like. Make sure to slip into something comfortable and order room service. The Yama Phuket offers guests incredible dishes, so take your binge-watching to the next level by ordering only the finest.

Say yes to a perfect spa day

Your room will likely come with gorgeous views, especially if you’re staying at the Yama Phuket. With views of the beach and the gardens to enjoy, walks in the morning and the evening will help you feel a sense of calm like no other. Why stop there? To maximize your experience, plan a full-blown spa day!

The Yama Phuket also offers spa facilities, specially designed for guests that need extra care and comfort. Enjoy neck and back massages, done by specially trained therapists. You can also indulge in aromatherapies, perfect for keeping the stress away.

Making Your Staycations Worth It

Traveling is most welcome, but it could be better off done with a heavy dose of staycation magic. In other words, you can travel to the other side of the world but do so in a single area where you can allow relaxation to take over. Staying in a secluded area with nature and comfort combined is the perfect antidote to stress, so never hesitate to plan one. Traveling isn’t just for exploring new areas and cultures, after all—it also entails rest, rejuvenation, and finding yourself.

For the best staycation accommodations in Phuket, the Yama Hotel Phuket is the place to go. We offer you a hillside hotel, topped with panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. We also offer you luxurious facilities like swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa rooms, and the finest dishes in the world. Stay in paradise today—book a room with us.