If you’ve read guides on what you can do in Phuket, you’ll find that most will talk about spending time at the beach or go island hopping. While that’s all extremely fun to do, some other things are just as fun but, unfortunately, are mostly ignored. Did you know that you can watch Muay Thai right in Phuket? If not, then now you do!

That said, here are four hidden activities you can do in Phuket:

1.Watch a Round of Muay Thai

Of all the sports that you can find in Thailand, Muay Thai is one of the most popular. It has gain fame worldwide thanks to international fighting competitions like the UFC.

If you’re a big fan of martial arts or want to experience the exhilarating sport of Muay Thai lives, you can easily do so in Phuket. Head to Soi Sai Namyen found and look for the boxing stadium and enjoy yourself a round of explosive fists and thundering kicks. Don’t be surprised to find yourself shouting along with the crowd when each brutal punch lands.

2.Explore the Island from Above

You’ve seen Phuket from the beach, streets, and even mountains. Have you seen Phuket from the sky? If not, then it is time to go paramotoring! Paramotoring, also known as powered paragliding, allows you to surf the winds up in the sky, taking in the beauty of the locale.

To get started, head for Sky Club Asia. There, you’ll be greeted with professionals and enthusiasts who live for the skies. If you’ve never paramotor before and do not want to be alone for the ride, you can take up Tandem flights as well

3.Race Your Friends and Take a Shot

If you’d instead participate in a sport rather than watch it, we hope you’ve brought your racing knowledge with you. With over 700 meters of racing tracks, Phuket Racing Kart offers you the best racing experience. Here, you can either race against your friends, or race against the time!

You’ll also find a shooting range, paintballing arena, ATV rides, and so much more in this complex, making it pretty much a one-stop-shop for your activities for the day.

4.Go on an Off-Road Tour

Want a taste of Phuket’s off-road? We have just the thing! You’ll find one of Thailand’s most established ATV companies right here on the island. If you think this is just some other place where you drive an ATV slowly over a course a quarter of an acre, think again. Phuket ATV boasts 350 acres of pure adventure and ATV excitement, taking you at least two hours to cover.

When you arrive, you and your buddies will be instructed regarding ATV use, such as safety tips as well as how to drive one. If you don’t want to drive an ATV, you can always be a passenger. That said, the terrain is exhilarating. Some areas can get quite challenging, but they’re still plenty of fun.

In conclusion, Phuket is an island filled with all sorts of majestic views and exhilarating activities. While you should go out to the beaches and island hop, you should not forget the activities we’ve shared for you! After all, after you’ve visited every island and spent time on every beach, what are you going to do? Well, now, you know!

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