A beach trip is a perfect time to get some sleep or lounge around, but there are days when you may not want to stay in the room but be active instead. Sports are always a good idea at the beach—swimming, surfing, and motorized activities are popular ways to get the blood flowing on a vacation. For days where you want something in between lying around and kicking about, try low-key beach games.

Beach games are perfect for when you are winding down from strenuous exercise or working up an appetite for more. Check our list of five beach-friendly games below:

1. Have a sand art contest

This is a good way of getting people to exercise their creativity and flex their sculpting skills on the beach. Making sandcastles is popular with people of all ages. You can get your entire family or friend group involved and it can last all day. Get people more interested by setting a theme and limiting their construction time and dimensions, and witness their creativity juices overflow.

You’d be surprised to find what people can build around a central idea, and how resourceful they can get. You can have a variation of this where you bury a teammate and ‘build’ their body out of the sand. Think of all the funny or amazing poses you can make their sand body do, and don’t forget to take many pictures!

2. Play Kubb

Kubb is a lawn game, but it can be adapted for the beach. The object of the game is to knock down kubbs or wooden blocks on a playing field. You achieve this by throwing kastpinnar or wooden batons at them.

This game, which originated in Sweden, is also called Viking Chess, because the ultimate objective is to knock down all the opponent’s kubbs, including the ‘king kubb.’ It is distinguished by a wooden crown on top of its head.

A game can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour, making it perfect for those lazy days when the breeze is low and nothing much is happening.

3. Do the beach version of Twister

There are plenty of beach-friendly Twister mats sold online, some of which are manufactured as beach towels. These beach towel Twister sets come in waterproof bags, so you can safely bring them to the pool or shore.

Twister puts two people or pairs of people against each other in a contest of contortionism. Basically, a referee throws a pair of dice or spins a wheel to determine where a player must place their limbs. Players cannot move any limbs not specified by the referee, which can lead to awkward, hilarious results.

4. Play beach ball hot potato

This is perfect for mothers who want to keep their children in one place, or groups of friends resting after a hearty meal. You play this just like normal Hot Potato, except with a beach ball. Sit in a circle and play some music, and pass the ball around as the music plays. When it stops, whoever the ball lands on is out.

5. Try out Bocce on the beach

Another lawn game, bocce is a ball sport that can also be adapted for the beach. There are beach bocce sets available online, or you can use any set of eight handballs that you can throw comfortably.

The object of bocce is getting your own ball to land closest to the center of a predetermined playing space. The space is usually a circle, and around five to eight feet in diameter. Players keep tossing balls until one player or team reaches 13 points.


Many people see beach trips as a way to relax. This relaxation can come in different forms, and playing low impact games is one of those. When staying at a beach resort, you can go down to the shore and play these games with your friends and family for hours of memories and fun.

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