Many people travel abroad for leisure. Sure, you can always go to the nearest beach in your country, but going overseas for a beach trip is a whole new experience. One of the most well-known countries is Thailand, famous for its beaches. When you go to the beach, you don’t pass on specific activities, such as kayaking.

If you’re going to Thailand’s beaches for your next vacation, you should go to some of the best places to kayak. These include:


#1 – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the best places in Thailand to kayak if you’re looking to have a fantastic time in Thailand while also having the opportunity to explore the scenery, have fun, and have family bonding time. This city has many kayaking options, such as having people take you out to a kayaking course, kayak out to an island, and kayak down the Houy Jongkong river.


#2 – Krabi

Krabi is a popular location for kayaking because of its great kayaking locations, such as the Ao Ton Sai, Bo Phrao Bay, Hin Muang, and Nam Tok. You can also go kayaking with a sea tour, which will allow you to explore the beauty of Krabi and the Andaman Sea.


#3 – Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a mixture of Thailand’s beautiful beaches and adventure. There are a lot of beaches to visit, such as Ban Balo, Bang Rak Beach, Ban Kao Beach, and Ban Mae Ramphueng. There is also the Angthong Islands, a fantastic place to kayak around. The Samui archipelago is also a great place to kayak.


#4 – Phuket

Phuket would be a great place to kayak, as it’s filled with many great beaches. One of the best beaches is Mai Khao Beach, the main beach in Phuket. Other great beaches include Karon Beach, Layan Beach, Rawai Beach, and Nai Han Be.


#5 – Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands, known to locals as Koh Phi Phi, is an excellent place to kayak because you can kayak to the mangrove forests and the coral reefs. It has a lot of other great activities to do, such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and rock climbing.


Essential Things to Remember When Kayaking

Throughout your kayaking trip, you may have wondered, “What do I need to know?” There are a lot of important topics and terms that people should get familiar with before kayaking. It’s essential to know about all of these to ensure that you won’t get hurt in the process.


Kayaking Safety

Before you go kayaking, you should take a kayaking course. The kayaking course will teach you how to operate a kayak if you are a beginner. They will also give you the basic safety precautions to take if you are a beginner kayaker.


Kayaking for the First Time

If you are kayaking for the first time, do not go out on the river yourself. The river is usually much more dangerous than lakes. If you want to go kayaking for the first time, it would be best to go with an experienced kayaker. This way, you can learn how to kayak.


Kayaking on a River

Usually, the first place where kayaking people will go kayaking is on a river. Before kayaking on a river, you must know how to read the river. You can do this by reading the speed of the water. You can do this by clicking on the gauge and reading the river’s speed, which will tell you how fast the river is flowing for your safety.


Kayaking on a Lake

Kayaking on lakes is a fun activity to do when you want to go kayaking. Take note that you may have to wait a little longer to get back to shore when you kayak on lakes because the water will be much calmer than flowing water.



Overall, kayaking is a lot of fun to do. You can end up having the best time, with both family and friends. If you are planning on kayaking, you should research the safety precautions, the materials for kayaking, and the different places you can go kayaking. If you have the knowledge, you’re in for a memorable experience.

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