Phuket has always been among the world’s finest destinations for beach excursions. This mountainous island in the Andaman Sea is popular for its remarkably beautiful islands, clear waters, as well as the town’s colorful Sino-Portuguese architecture.

With a vacation at Phuket, you won’t run out of tourist attractions to visit. Additionally, don’t forget that this small island is also known for its unique and diverse cuisine. It is an interesting result of a fusion of culinary influences coming from various neighboring countries like China, India, and Malaysia.

If you’re planning for a visit to Phuket, get the most out of your stay by enjoying these five must-try foods:

1. Southern-Style Curry

Thanks to Phuket’s tropical geography, its curries are always loaded with coconut cream that makes them thick and flavorful. You can also expect many spices and chili in them, which is a product of Malaysian and Javanese influences. Compared to the dishes in the north, southern-style curries are much spicier, hotter, and saltier.   

2. Khao Man Gai

Also commonly known as “chicken oil rice,” this dish is one of the most popular street foods in Phuket. Although it is made only from a few ingredients, you wouldn’t want to miss trying this succulent, and tender steamed chicken served on fragrant rice and glazed with chicken fat. It also comes alongside a light soy sauce with ginger and chili.

This nutritious food is a great stomach settler, especially if you want something different after getting your fill of Phuket’s spicy dishes.

3. Roti

Roti is made from paper-thin dough that is rolled out, stuffed with fillings, and fried until crisp. As you walk around Phuket, you will see chefs on many street corners making roti in different styles. You’ll also discover that there are different types of roti that you can try.

Tourists especially love its sweet version, wherein the dough is filled with banana, pineapple, or mango, and is later topped with peanut butter, strawberry jam, and even Nutella. This is usually enjoyed together with a sweet coffee.

On the other hand, the locals often prefer their roti savory and served alongside a bowl of rich and spicy curry and an optional over-easy egg for breakfast. We highly suggest trying them all so that you get a taste of both worlds!

4. Moo Hong

Moo hong, or stewed pork dish, comes from Phuket. Yet, its flavors are heavily influenced by the Chinese settlers in the region. This dish is made by braising pork belly in a sweet herbaceous paste and then slow-cooking it in dark soy, oyster sauce, and star anise. The finished product is tender chunks of pork belly in a rich, peppery, and sweet sticky sauce.

5. Satay

Your experience with Phuket cuisine will never be complete without street foods like satay. This small island is full of day and night markets, which means that you can have this delicacy at any time of the day and any day of the week. 

This convenient street food consists of sliced or diced chicken, beef, or pork that is put on a skewer and grilled with a mildly spicy seasoning. It is usually served with peanut sauce and an optional vinegary salad.


Despite its size, Phuket boasts a complex and diverse cuisine which is a result of the fusion of various influences over centuries, something that you will not be able to find elsewhere. As you travel around the island, it is highly recommended that you skip the fast-food franchises and even the pad thai and ask for “Phuket-style” dishes to get the real experience!

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