Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Millions of visitors flock to the island for its many delights, and its shores are open to vaccinated travelers. Of course, it may be overwhelming to figure out where you should head and what you should do in a place with such an eclectic mix of locales.

If you’re heading to the Pearl of the Andaman, make sure you have the following activities in your itinerary:

Check Out Their Island and Beach Trips

There are tons of natural sights to see that you may miss out on if you don’t just plan a day trip. Most of these can be taken via boat ride, and your group can enjoy famous spots like Monkey Island and James Bond Island. The former features a gorgeous little cove with cute monkeys going about their day, while the latter showcases locations from the film “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

If you want a more relaxed day with nature all around you, you can check out the Kata Beach hotels, which hold a panoramic view of the beach and the mountains around.

Go for a Market Walk

Though there are many markets you can check out, a good place to start is the Chillva Market. It’s great for nightcaps and live music, plus it’s not as popular as other tourist spots. During the day, you can also check out various souvenir shops and discover little trinkets here and there. If you walk around enough, you’ll find other roads filled with unique hangout spots and food.

Try Out the Local Food

You can’t go to Phuket without getting a taste of the local food. Any good family hotel in Phuket will have a great menu of food, though the prices will likely match the sublime quality. Thankfully, you can save that for the big meals and explore the street markets for your snacks and other food to take home.

Visit a Kopitiam for some authentic Thai coffee, then make sure you get a chance to eat fresh pad thai, som tum, and kai yang from the stalls and restaurants.

Go on a Cultural Tour

Don’t miss out on the rich history of the area. Many tours take you to major landmarks and break down how the island came to its current state. You can also check out the various museums to learn more about the history of Phuket. There are so many important historical fixtures melded in the environment that this can enlighten you and provide a deeper appreciation for Thailand’s culture.

Check out the Kathu Phuket Mining Museum, Thai Hua Museum, and the Chinpracha House.

Visit the Old Town Road

Phuket Old Town has everything you might want to find on your trip. Take an adventure down the roads to get a great mix of the markets, food, various attractions, and souvenir shops. You can trail off to the Sunday Walking Street Market for great pre-loved items, then head to Thalang Road for a bunch of weekly marketplace goodies and trinkets.

You can find artisanal ice cream and gorgeous handwoven fabrics throughout the Old Town and bask in the architecture of the street buildings. There are also various shrines you can visit throughout the area.


Make sure you make the most out of your Phuket experience and hop through this checklist during your stay. Book a hotel in Kata Beach, plan out your itinerary, and keep an open eye (and an empty stomach) so you can truly relish the delights that the island has to offer. Travelers that can show their proof of vaccination can explore the country yet again.

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