Phuket is most famous for its gorgeous beaches and stunning sunset views, but did you know that it’s also a hotspot for adrenaline chasers? Whether you’re looking to relax by the beach or find an exciting adventure, Phuket has exactly what you need to have an unforgettable experience.

From aerial tours to water sports, Phuket has a long list of outdoor activities that people of all ages can join—making it a family-friendly experience. Here are some of our favorites:

Whitewater Rafting

This thrilling activity is sure to get your heart pumping! Thailand is full of rapid waters, which makes it perfect for whitewater rafting. You’ll get to ride against the rapids while bestowing the beauty of Phuket’s lush and abundant wildlife. Even though you’ll probably be soaking wet and feeling the full adrenaline rush, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery. You can even go on a waterfall trekking trip after where you can take a nice cool dip in the waterfalls.


Phuket is also famous for its great waves, which makes it a top destination for surfing! Even if you’ve never gone surfing before, there are plenty of trainers and coaches who offer beginner’s lessons and private group coaching. If you want to learn how to maneuver your board, paddle, stand up, and ride a wave, then Phuket is a fantastic place to get started.

Helicopter Tours

This outdoor activity is perfect for those who are seeking an adventure in the skies. Going on a helicopter tour is a unique and thrilling way to explore Phuket, as you’ll be able to see its beauty from a unique point of view. Visit famous destinations in Phuket, such as the Sirinat National Park and Big Buddha Phuket, without squeezing through a crowd or long travel times. Your pilot will be able to provide interesting facts and stories about these places, too!


Ever dreamt about flying through jungles at lightning speed? Then ziplining is just for you! You’ll be able to zip from one tree to another while admiring the marvelous view of Phuket’s jungles. If you need a companion with you, tandem ziplining is also an option. Rest assured that the staff behind ziplining are professionally trained and have ensured the safety of the ziplining equipment, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy it without worry!

If you’re a sucker for outdoor activities that are performed at a height, then you can also try rappelling, going on sky bridges, and going through spiral staircases.

Scuba Diving

A trip to Phuket simply cannot be completed without going scuba-diving! Phuket is rife with colorful and majestic marine life that simply cannot be missed. Fortunately, if you’re a complete novice to scuba diving, you won’t need a diving license for this—a professional will be right by your side the whole time. All you need is your swimwear and some extra clothes since most scuba diving tours come with breakfast and lunch. You’re definitely in for a packed and exciting experience!


Phuket is a wonderful destination with all types of exciting activities for the adventurous and energetic. From the jungle to the sea, you’ll be stunned by the local scenery. It’s also a great place to unwind after a long day of excursions. Whether you’ll be spending your day on a bike tour or simply napping on the beach, Phuket is the perfect place to be.

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