Whether you’re planning a romantic vacation to bring your significant other along or just going to head out to look for dates, you’re going to need to know how to plan such a holiday. While you can only search up all kinds of romantic activities to do, we want to share with you some tips to ensure that your romantic beach vacation goes as smoothly as possible.

With that said, here are five tips to ensure that your romantic beach holiday is a great success:


1.Spend a Few “Long” Days

When you go out for a romantic beach getaway, we highly recommend that you dedicate a few days to be filled with activities. For example, you can spend the whole day in town exploring the area or spend a day at the beach from sunrise to sunset.

By enjoying long days like these, you’re given plenty of opportunities to forge unforgettable memories and enjoy brand new experiences.


2.Do Something New

Have you always dreamt of going paragliding? Have you wondered what it is like to go snorkeling? You’re at the beach, and now’s your chance!

Do you know what makes it better? The love of your life right next to you! Go out there and do new things together. Laugh, smile, scream, and shout together as you participate in unfamiliar activities for the first time.


3.Get Exercising

While you’re out and about enjoying your trips, don’t forget to exercise. While you might think that it’ll leave you too tired to enjoy the vacation, hear us out. Exercise pumps your body full of feel-good endorphins. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your trip even more, but it will also enhance romantic feelings!

With that said, when you plan out your trip, be sure to include some form of exercise into your schedule. Whether that be a beach sports game or even yoga, anything that gets your engine up and running is an excellent way to boost your overall romantic beach getaway experience.


4.Choose Comfort over Fashion

While you might think that you and your partner should look fashionable during your vacation, always put comfort first. Of course, if you’re planning to have a romantic dinner date at a luxurious restaurant, it doesn’t hurt to pack something formal. When you’re out and about exploring the place, though, you wouldn’t want to be wearing high heels or leather shoes!

When you pack your bags, always bring comfortable footwear and clothes for the activities you’re going to do. For example, if you’re going to the beach, it’ll help if you bring loose and easy-to-dry clothes! If you’re going on a forest trek, bring clothes and footwear that’ll keep you safe and cool.


5.Eat Delicious Food

It is a no-brainer that food can make or break a trip. However, when you’re in a new location, you might not know what those delicious foods are.

To ensure that you’re picking good food, always do a bit of research. It helps to know what the locals love and what is popular amongst tourists. Of course, it also helps to know what kind of food can enhance the romantic aspect of your excursion.

Follow the tips we’ve given you when you go out for your romantic beach getaway. In doing so, you’re doing yourself and your loved one a favor by enhancing the overall experience the both of you will get to enjoy. All the best, and enjoy your romantic trip! If you’re looking for a hotel in Phuket, get in touch with us today to book your stay!