Phuket, Thailand is famed worldwide as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is the perfect balance of tropical paradise and bustling urban culture. Whether you prefer lounging on the beach with the cool sea breeze against your skin or the thrills of the exciting nightlife, there is something for everyone in Phuket.

That being said, there is so much to do in this beautiful city that it might be daunting to know where to begin. To help you plan your next trip to Phuket, we have compiled this list of locations, events, and activities in this amazing city. With no further ado, here they are:

1 – Pub crawls
A lot of hostels and hotels in Thailand offer a pub crawl package for their guests. What better way to mingle with locals and tourists alike than through a pub crawl? The beautiful thing about this activity is that you would be able to visit many locations, sample many different kinds of food and drinks, and meet a lot of people.

2 – Patong Beach
Patong Beach is popular among tourists for a reason. There are plenty of restaurants along the beach, all with parties. If you’re interested in the local club scene, this might be the perfect place for you.

3 – Sunset cruise
You could charter a sunset dinner cruise, which starts around 5 pm. It is perfect for honeymooning couples and lovers on trips. You could be sipping fine wine and sampling delicious food against the romantic backdrop of a setting sun.

4 – The Quip Sky Bar
This bar was the first of its kind in Phuket. Perched atop a hotel, it can give you a view of the beautiful cityscape that is Phuket. It is also a perfect place to eat as the menu is fairly affordable.

5 – Phuket Fantasea
If you wish to learn more about Thailand’s rich culture and history, it might be good to visit Phuket Fantasea. You could be witness to unique and exotic performances from Thailand’s finest cultural performers.

6 – Full Moon Parties
Full Moon Parties are a staple of Phuket nightlife. Paradise beach hosts these events twice a month. You can drink and dance the night away, and enjoy the fire show until the sun rises.

7 – The Phuket Walking Street Market
No trip to another country is complete without one or two evenings spent shopping. The Phuket Walking Street Market is perfect for those looking for souvenirs for themselves and presents to bring home. It is also a great place to try local cuisine and to examine local art forms.

Final thoughts

These are just seven of the most popular things to do in Phuket. The rich city offers far more, but these should prove a great baseline. Whatever type of vacation you are looking for, there is something for you to do in this great city. Before you leave, you might find that you’ve fallen in love with the culture, night scene, and people in the city of Phuket, Thailand.

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