At some point in our lives, we’ll get to the point where our everyday routine can become quite overwhelming and mundane, and this isn’t just some one-time experience that will go away.

After going through lots of stress and tough tasks daily for some time, it’s clear that everyday life is now becoming quite boring since repetition makes things less exciting. With work becoming more hectic and close to taking over your life, the hobbies that you have on the weekend and the social gatherings you have lined up may no longer be enough to keep yourself sane.

If your life is so dreaded to the point where Friday seems like a day that’s no more than two days away from Monday, we’ve got some news for you: it’s time to take a summer vacation!

Why you should take a summer vacation now

While you may have relied on your hobbies, social life, and family time to get by and manage your work stress, there will come a day when these become so repetitive until they become mundane. With summer just right around the corner, you won’t have to worry about holding yourself up with slow torture in the form of a boring routine because this is the perfect time to take a vacation! Here are three reasons you should drop everything (for a while, of course), book a trip to Thailand, and reserve a room at The Yama Hotel Phuket ASAP:

Reason #1: You deserve to relieve your stress

You’re probably thinking that there are many other ways to relieve the stress without even going far from home. But are they as enjoyable, relaxing, or effective as a trip out of town?

When you drop everything to take a summer vacation, you’re not just taking a few days off before getting back to work since you’re forced to get away from anything that might cause you not to relax. Once you drop off your bags at our lobby, we’ll do everything to make you feel like you’re in paradise so that you can start unwinding right away!

Reason #2: A bit of time away helps you be more productive once you get back

Have you ever noticed that an extended break away from work (longer than the typical two-day weekend, of course) helped you come back refreshed and ready to make more meaningful progress? Well, gifting yourself with a well-timed and much-needed summer vacation works wonders for boosting both productivity and creativity.

Although you might not believe it at first, a vacation can go a long way in ensuring that you’re productive and creative because you end up becoming more productive and expose yourself to a new perspective. If you’re feeling a bit stretched thin in terms of your mental power and work endurance, then a trip to Phuket is what you need!

Reason #3: With a summer vacation, you have the opportunity to catch up

Considering that your work probably takes your time away from your family, then it’s best to assume that you haven’t spent some quality time with them, and a summer vacation can help with that!

With a trip to Phuket, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to take some time away from everything else in the world so that you can spend more time with the most precious people in your life. In fact, booking a trip to The Yama Hotel Phuket will also allow you to provide your family with the opportunity to get away from their stressful daily routine!


With life itself becoming more stressful each day, you must take a break away from everything that is taking away your sanity, which is where a summer vacation comes in. By booking a trip away from everything for a bit, it will allow you to bask in a much-needed temporary release so that you can bring happiness back into your life!

Are you looking for a family-friendly resort in Phuket to accommodate your family? The Yama Hotel Phuket is the right place for you. Get in touch with us today to book your stay!