Thai massage has been around for over 7000 years now. It’s different from most other types of massages that usually require the use of oils and disrobing. Thai massages are performed while the person is fully clothed, and instead of lying on a massage table, they are on a mat or just the floor.

As opposed to using kneading and gliding motions, the techniques used for Thai massages often include rocking, pulling, and stretching to relieve tension and improve flexibility. If you have never experienced Thai massage before, this could be one of the things for you to try when you visit The Yama Hotel Phuket, one of the best hotels in Kata beach.

Here are some of the benefits of Thai massage that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Benefits of Thai Massage

It Helps Relieve Back Pain

One of the main reasons people get a Thai massage is to be relieved of their back pain and improve their movement. Back pains are quite common these days because so many people have jobs that require them to sit in front of computers for long hours, and a lot of them have poor posture. Thai massage doesn’t only deliver immediate comfort, but it can also increase one’s range of movement so you can better correct your posture while finding relief for your discomfort and pain.

It Helps Boost Circulation and Eases Tension

Thai massage can help ease the stress and tension in your joints and muscles. In turn, this can prevent any stress-related illnesses. With improved circulation, you can enjoy a boost in energy and a wider range of movement. Additionally, Thai massage can be helpful for those that experience tension headaches and encourages lymphatic drainage. When your lymphatic system is draining properly, the toxins in your body are significantly reduced. As for the boost in blood circulation, this can fill the tissues in your body with oxygen, improve heart health and strengthen the immune system.

It Helps Improve Balance

Did you know that there’s a study showing that Thai foot massage can help people with peripheral neuropathy – a problem experienced by most diabetic patients. Thai massage can help improve blood circulation, stimulate the somatosensory system and ultimately, improve balance.

It Helps Relieve Stress

Anyone who’s stressed (Who isn’t?) should give Thai massage a try. It’s important that you try to keep your stress levels low because too much stress has a negative effect on one’s physical and mental health. People who are constantly dealing with stress may experience anxiety and depression. It’s also one of the leading factors contributing to such health problems as heart attacks and strokes, among others.

Thai massage is not only a relaxing experience that you can get in a good service hotel in Kata, but its effects can have long-term benefits. For instance, it can help reduce toxins in the body, relieve tension in the muscles, and relieve stress, so you’ll be more relaxed and ready for what the day throws at you.


Thai massage can truly make your visit to Kata more magical. Anyone should experience its benefits – both for your health and overall wellbeing. Whether you’re suffering from back pain, stress, headaches, or simply want to relax, Thai massage will be beneficial for you. So, when you search for hotels in Kata beach, make sure that they have a spa where you can get a Thai massage!

The Yama Hotel Phuket offers not only a panoramic view in Kata but high-quality services like Thai massage in a truly relaxing facility. Contact us today and book your vacation with us!