You can never go wrong with visiting a beach for the holidays; people of all ages love it, and it is always a fun activity. One beach destination that many people have paid attention to more recently is Phuket, which is home to many beaches and resorts.

When traveling with your family, and especially children, you would like to choose the best option. If you are decided on heading to Phuket for the holidays, make sure you go to the best resorts. Below we talk about the best options you can choose, especially when traveling with children.



  • Kamala Beach


Not all beaches in Phuket will have beachfront restaurants flocking the sand, and Kamala happens to be one of them. This place is ideal to visit if you or your family do not want to be leaving the area even for a single second. In terms of accommodation, there are many affordable hotels in the area.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Kamala Beach is that there is not much activity except for spas, restaurants, and beach clubbing. If you plan to have quiet strolls on the beach with your family or the occasional mall visit, then Kamala Beach may not be for you.


  • Kata Beach


If your family is the type that will search for activities, then Kata beach is for you. The shoreline stretching across is filled with soft, white, sand and a gorgeous ocean is up for display. The beach is beautiful, and there will be areas to shop. Hotels are also not an issue as they abound here, and the same goes for the cuisine.

However, while all beaches in Phuket are flocked by tourists, Kata Beach is especially so. This is due to the fact that they offer a lot of water sport activities in this area, making it a fun attraction for many.


  • Bangtao Beach


If a staycation is what your family is interested in, then Bangtao Beach is for you. This beach houses some of the best hotels that can be found in Phuket, making it ideal for indoor stays. While the place also has other activities, the most popular ones are horse riding and eating at different restaurants.

This area may be a little pricier, though. Considering that it is filled with attractions and has the fanciest hotels available, the place can cost you more than the other beaches. However, if you have funds to spare, then Bangtao Beach is for you.


  • Patong Beach


Patong Beach is dubbed the most popular destination among tourists in Phuket. The beautiful beach attracts foreign visitors, and the several activity offerings would lead families to the area.

However, this place is littered with nightclubs. It may not be exactly family-friendly when it comes to nighttime, but the lively beach and music can be fun, too. Plus, there are other nearby areas for you and your family to visit at night. 



Visiting Phuket is exciting, with the many tourist destinations available. However, your holiday will only work if you know what places to visit, especially the beaches. You may want to consider the beaches we have suggested above for your family vacation.

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