Finding information is much easier now than ever. You can look up details on any part of the world, from the castles of the UK to the sunny shores in Phuket. This accessibility to knowledge is an excellent tool for travelers to develop better itineraries to plan their trips. With a well-crafted itinerary, it’ll be much easier to navigate a distant land, whether it’s your first or fifth time around.

Itinerary Shortlist: 6 Must-Visit Sights in Phuket

Creating the perfect itinerary takes a lot of research and leg work. Doing so ensures that your short stay in another country won’t go to waste. Thankfully, you don’t have to browse through different reviews to design the perfect holiday itinerary. This guide right here will give you a breakdown of the top travel hotspots in Phuket!

In this article, we’ll share six must-visit sights in Phuket you should add to your itinerary!

1. The Big Buddha

The most popular attraction in Thailand is not just a statue but the idea of spirituality itself. Countless temples and statues are the reflections of practicing Buddhists’ faith, which is why the Big Buddha in Phuket is an impressive feat. The 45-meter white marble statue is a mesmerizing sight worth seeing up close. Visiting it should definitely be on your bucket list if you have time to do so!

2. Jui Tui Shrine

Another notable structure of faith is the Jui Tui shrine. It’s a Chinese shrine that pays homage to different Chinese gods, making its architecture distinct from the typical Thai temples you’ll see in Phuket. It’s also the starting point for the yearly Vegetarian Festival, where devoted followers pierce themselves in the name of faith.

3. Fantasea

If you’re had your fill of spiritual sights, you might want to have a taste of Thai celebrations at their finest. Fantasea is a huge complex that’s equal parts theme park and entertainment center. It hosts several shows through different historical performance mediums. It’s a great place to make wonderful memories while immersing yourself in Thai culture!

4. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

As Thailand’s national animal, elephants are treasured and protected, especially since they’re prone to abuse and poaching. This is why the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary exists to educate visitors on the plight of elephants. Besides learning more about elephants, it’s also a safe space for visitors to safely interact with elephants without causing them stress or harm.

5. Surin Beach

Crystal clear water, white sandy beach, and a whole range of resorts, bars, and high-end resorts await you at Surin beach. Regarded as one of the most pleasant beaches on the island, Surin Beach is a nice place to unwind after your long days of walking and commuting in the city.

6. Karon Viewpoint

If you’ve had your fill of staying close to the ground, the Karon viewpoint can give you a majestic view of Kata Noi’s three bays. This makes you more appreciative of the overall beauty of Phuket when you see it in full view.


When planning an itinerary, a crucial part of going from one place to another is finding the right quarters. This is why reserving the right hotel will determine how many sights you can visit within a day. If you want to discover Phuket at its best, booking a hotel at a strategic location will be beneficial.

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