Phuket is undeniably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition to its breathtaking sea views, the island is popular for the number of incredible things to try (and taste!) when you are on vacation.

It is worth noting that this small place is also well-known for its rich and unusual food. Offering a fascinating combination of culinary influences from China, India, Malaysia, and other nearby countries, here are some of the best must-try specialties you shouldn’t miss.

Khao Man Gai

Khao Man Gai is a meal often known as “chicken oil rice.” It is one of Phuket’s most famous street delicacies.

No one will want to miss out on this luscious and tender steamed chicken served on aromatic rice and drizzled with chicken fat. It can also be served with ginger, chili, and mild soy sauce. Pure culinary heaven!

Moo Hong

Phuket is home to the stewed pork dish Moo Hong. It is believed that the Chinese settlers in the area had a significant impact on the flavor of the food.

After being braised in a sweet herbaceous paste, pork belly is slow-cooked in black soy, oyster sauce, and star anise sauce. Tender slices of pork belly in a rich, spicy, and sweet sticky sauce are the ultimate mouthwatering result.


Roti is a crispy fried dough created from a paper-thin dough that is rolled out, loaded with ingredients, then fried. On several street corners in Phuket, you will witness chefs creating roti in various fashions for you to choose from.

The dough is filled with banana, mango, or pineapple and then coated with peanut butter, strawberry jam, or even Nutella, which is popular among tourists. This is generally paired with a sweet cup of coffee.

On the other hand, the locals want their roti to be savory and served with a bowl of spicy curry and an egg for breakfast in the morning. Why not try them all to get a flavor of both worlds?


Without street meals like satay, your experience with Phuket cuisine will never be complete. Because this small island is full of day and night markets, you can enjoy this delicacy at any time of day or week, no matter which hotel you are staying in!

Sliced or diced chicken, beef, or pig skewers are cooked with a mildly spicy marinade. This specialty is frequently accompanied by a vinegary salad and a peanut sauce.

Southern-Style Curry

Due to Phuket’s tropical location, curries are always thick and tasty because they are made with rich and versatile coconut cream. They also contain a lot of spices and chili peppers, which are influenced by Malaysian and Javanese cultures.

Southern-style curries are significantly spicier, hotter, and saltier than those from the North.


Despite its size, Phuket has a rich and varied cuisine that is the perfect marriage of centuries of blending influences, something you probably will not find anywhere else. Ignore the fast-food chains and even the pad thai on your next vacation, and ask for “Phuket-style” food as you tour around instead to enjoy the full flavor of the island.

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