Almost everyone loves the beach. It’s nice to walk on the long stretch of white sand, bask under the sun’s scorching heat, see the panoramic view of the turquoise water meeting the blue sky, and soak in the crystal clear water for hours.

Did you know that there’s more to a beach than meets the eye? Many experts claim the handful of benefits of heading off to the beach. There’s what we call beach therapy—how the beach can be therapeutic by positively impacting your health and overall well-being.

Here’s why it pays to go to the beach. Read below to discover the wonders of beach therapy before you book a private hotel in Kata Beach, Phuket.

1. It boosts your health and well-being

You might have heard of the words “Vitamin Sea,” which shows how people perceive the ocean to be beneficial to your health. Getting exposed to the sun for a few hours allows you to take advantage of Vitamin D. You know how you hardly get this as you are always confined in the office. Just don’t forget your sunscreen, lest you’ll end up with a sunburn.

2. It becomes an excellent spa alternative

If you want some therapy, you’ll probably go to a luxury spa to get a massage and have some pampering regularly. Why not consider going to the beach? It can be a great alternative to your usual spa. There are massage services in beach hotels that you can take advantage of, but apart from this, soaking in the salty water can relax your muscles and rejuvenate your skin. It’s all worth it!

3. It drives your stress and worries away

In this time and age, it’s easy to get stressed on your daily grinds. You probably have kids to attend to, household chores to do, or regular errands to run. If you’re a yuppie, you may be worried about a pile of paperwork to accomplish as a corporate slave. Hold your horses! Take your holiday vacation and spend your time on the beach to drive all your worries and stress away.

4. It allows you to have a good workout

Did you know that swimming can be a perfect workout? It hits many of your body parts—from your upper muscles to your core down to your lower limbs. It will help you burn calories and lose weight big time. It will also allow you to perform yoga and other meditative exercises. Who says the beach isn’t a place for a perfect workout?

5. It releases all your happy hormones

Our body is made of 70 percent water. The same is true for the Earth, which is 70 percent water. See the connection? It is probably the reason people tend to be subconsciously happy around bodies of water. Some experts agree that going to the beach allows your body to release happy hormones. Not only do you feel connected with nature, but you also feel elated in a deeper sense.


Beach therapy has been all the rage these days. It’s nice to get out of the city once in a while and head off to the nearest beach. As outlined above, the beach boosts your health, becomes a spa alternative, drives away your stress and worries, allows you to work out, and releases all the happy hormones in your body.

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