Phuket is well-known for its beaches and seafood, making it one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, not many people consider visiting Phuket, which may make it hard to look for some updated travel guides.

If you are interested in visiting Phuket anytime soon but do not have travel plans yet, then you are in luck. Here, we have made the ultimate first-timer’s guide to visiting Phuket.

Let’s get started!

Required Documents

Due to the pandemic, there may be some required documents for you to present to get a visa and ensure your travels. This changes almost every day, so it is best to consult with the Thailand embassy or government to see what documents will be needed of you. Once this is all out of the way, you can now plan the fun parts of your trip.

About Phuket

Phuket is a provincial island in the Southern part of Thailand. It is the largest island in the nation. However, it is the second smallest province. Due to its landform and location, the entirety of the province is coastal and has the most beautiful beaches for you to visit.

Aside from this, the island is known for its history and contributions to tourism. As the government has realized that tourism is where the island gets most of its income, it has been severely developed to accommodate tourists. Today, luxury resorts and establishments have been built, transforming them into the ultimate tourist destination.

Best Time to Visit Phuket

Thailand is in Southeast Asia, making its climate tropical. This means that depending on the time of the year, you will either encounter a drier season or a rainier season. For Phuket, it is known to have less rain from late November to mid-April. The rest of the months are the monsoon season, making it more prone to rain.

However, it is important to note that the weather is still unpredictable, and sunny or rainy days will come and go unexpectedly. So it is best to be prepared for both kinds of weather.

Getting Around Phuket

There are various modes of transportation on the island you can take. These are listed below:

Smart Bus

This recently launched mode of transportation has gained popularity. It makes stops at the most recommended areas on the islands, making it ideal for tourists. Additionally, it is the cheapest option.

Private Transportation

You can search online for private transportations to book ahead of time. While this may be a little pricier, if you can fit it in your budget, this is a great time-saver. All you have to do is wait for the vehicle to arrive to get wherever you need to go.

Taxis and Tuk-tuks

Taxis and tuk-tuks are the most popular methods of transportation on the island, especially for locals. However, you need to be careful as they have a tendency to overcharge, especially if they know you are a tourist.

Accommodation in Phuket

There are tons of accommodations available in Phuket. However, it is best to choose a reputable hotel. Ideally, you should choose a hotel with a beautiful view that is decked out with facilities in case you want to stay in, and The Yama Phuket is a good choice for that.


If you have never been to Phuket or do not know anyone who has been, don’t let it stop you. With this travel guide, you should be able to explore on your own and have a lot of fun. Just make sure to stay safe!

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