The world has ground to a halt in the face of the pandemic. People have had to limit interactions with one another, and spend unprecedented amounts of time at home and indoors. Many dates, events, and gatherings have been put on hold. We have had to cancel everything that we used to enjoy as we wait for the global situation to improve.

Now several months into the pandemic, as economies reopen and people slowly start to return to normal life, one of the things we can look forward to is a much-needed vacation. While everything won’t be the same as it was, traveling for leisure will gratefully become possible again.

Thailand is one of the few destinations in the world that shows promise for post-pandemic travel. Thais are being lauded for their efforts in successfully keeping the virus at bay and reducing local transmissions to almost zero. It may soon be one of the few places tourists can visit–with necessary precautions of course–to shake off their legs, breathe fresh air, and renew their sense of adventure.

Thailand boasts some of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world. Phuket checks everything on the list that you have been missing for the past year, that is, breathtaking scenery, delicious food, and endless opportunities for adventure. There are thousands of hotels in Phuket that can serve as your jumping-off point to enjoy the following activities:

  • Laze around sandy beaches

If there is only one reason to go to Phuket, then it would be for the beaches. There are over 30 of them to choose from. Kata Beach is one of the largest, with a 1.5 km stretch of soft, sandy coastline decorated with lush palm trees. Pick an ocean view hotel along Kata beach and enjoy the sunrise on the Andaman Sea. You can also visit Freedom Beach, a 300-meter stretch of white sand near Patong. You can access this via a long-tail boat which is ten minutes away from the main island.

  • Go on a nature hike

After taking in the view of the Andaman Sea, you can turn inland and hike up to the mountains in Khao Phra Taew National Park. It is a nature sanctuary in the central northeast portion of Phuket Island. You can discover scenic waterfalls and pay a visit to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre located within the park.

  • Dine on tasty Thai food

You can taste authentic Thai cuisine at any of the local restaurants in Old Town, or you can be adventurous and try their street food stalls that you can find in the night markets. You can feast on grilled seafood, fried pad thai, and fresh papaya salad. Join a cooking class and practice making your own Thai dishes while making new friends along the way.

  • Explore rich history

A visit to Phuket will not be complete without learning about their colorful history and culture. Famous as a former stop-over along the India-China trade route, Phuket gained popularity in the 1970s when tourism to the island exploded. Discover more with a visit to Thalang National Museum. Another must-see is the Big Buddha, a towering, snowy marble statue atop Nakkerd Hill. You can take a guided tour for this as well as visit other beautiful temples along the way.

You won’t run short on reasons to pick Phuket for your first escape. These are just a few reasons why you should visit the island, but you will be guaranteed not to run out of things to do while you are vacationing there.

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